One of the most important aspects of living a nomadic mobile life is choosing the perfect vehicle. In our over a decade of mobile living, we have lived in various adventure mobiles. From an Airstream trailer to a pop up truck camper to a custom-built 4×4 van, we can help you select the perfect vehicle to embark on your own adventures.

There are thousands of vehicles out there to choose from and everyone one of them is perhaps the perfect vehicle for someone. But how do you know which one will work for you? When we started this little adventure of ours, we were just a young family of 3. Our needs have changes over the years and so has our preferences for travel. In our opinion, it is better to start bigger and go smaller if it suits you. The last thing you want is to go so small to soon and feel cramped in your space.

Your home is your sanctuary. You should always feel like it is the place you can go to be peaceful and comfortable. We will share with you all that we’ve learned from our years on the road so you can make the best choices to start your very own adventure.

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