People often mistake a simple life for an easy life. But in fact, a simple life can often be much more difficult on a day to day basis. Modern society takes care of a lot of the heavy lifting to make life much easier for you. From electrical power grids to fresh water systems, everything is always ready, on demand and unlimited.

Elafonissi Beach on Crete Island, Greece (2018)

But that easy life comes at a cost. All of the complicated behind the scenes systems that enables the comforts of modern living is expensive and requires lots of moving parts to work. From property taxes to utility bills, these conveniences soon become financial burdens that hold you back from doing the things you love.

We have not only been living but thriving in our mobile lifestyle for over a decade. I agree that it is not for everyone to live as we do but I truly believe that everyone can benefit for at least a little bit of simplification in their lives. By taking at least some of the complexity out, you will realize the freedom of relying less on other people.

Let us show you everything we know about the art of self-reliance. From renewal solar and wind energy to water conservation, you will be empowered and do your part in saving our world’s resources at the same time.

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