When we first began traveling the country as a family with toddlers, homeschooling from the road (or roadschooling, as we call it) wasn’t something on our minds. We started traveling prior to social media and didn’t get a chance to meet very many families on the road, especially ones with school-aged children. When our oldest child inched closer to having to attend kindergarten, we had a hard time deciding what was best for her. Should we buy a house and settle down so she can attend public school? Should we continue to travel and figure out this roadschool thing? How are we even qualified to do this? What if we mess it all up? Have you heard how weird homeschooled children supposedly turn out to be? Geez. Talk about pressure.

Roros, Norway (2019)

In the end, we decided to give roadschooling a try and feel that it was absolutely the right decision. Over the years, we developed a custom homeschool curriculum that works well for families who enrich their children’s lives with full-time travel.

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