One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how we afford to travel full time for all these years. It is often the biggest obstacle for an aspiring nomad to overcome before they can embark on their own adventures.

We have worked in many different fields and earned income from a lot of sources in our time on the road. Some skills are certainly better suited in today’s age for remote employment such as graphic design and software development. But there are hundreds of other fields that can also enable someone to earn location independent income.

We have met and talked to thousands of nomads and have found hundreds of ways people make money from the road. Many of them work for an employer as a remote employee like I did for many years during our travels. It is a great way to go but it isn’t always easy to find those kinds of jobs. Eventually, even a remote job will make you feel like you are just trading time for money. The real change happens when you are able to change your mindset about income generation. We will show you how we have created multiple sources of income and how many of them work to make us money even while we sleep.

We hope to share with you everything we know from personal experience, as well as learning from our fellow nomads, the best ways to earn a sustainable income so you can not only start your own slow travel adventures, but also thrive and build a secure financial future.

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