Our family of five shipped our US-plated Sprinter Van from the US to Europe in 2018. We traveled the entire European continent, including some of Africa and Asia, until we shipped back to the US in 2022. During that time, we’ve gotten tons of questions about how we did it. So we started to put together information for all those interested in doing the same. Below you will find links to all the posts and videos we created on this topic.

Shipping your vehicle

  • Here is a blog post about shipping our vehicle to Europe from the US and vice versa. We also have a video and podcast on shipping, too.
  • Here are a couple of videos about why we chose to ship rather than buy an RV in Europe.

Dealing with the 6-month Temporary Import Permit (TIP) rule in the EU

  • Here is a post and video about how we dealt with that in our 4 years overseas.

Dealing with Schengen as an American/Canadian

  • Here is a video about how to deal with the 90-day Schengen Rule.

If you dig deep into old our podcast, Instagram or YouTube (1,2), we have lots of everyday Europe info there as well. Hope this helps some of you 🙂

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Shayan · June 24, 2023 at 5:27 am

So grateful for all of the information you share! One question: how do you handle registration and emissions without shipping your van back to the US? Thanks so much!

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