We have been overwhelmed by your support and the responses we got for our website and channel launch and wanted to thank each and every one of you for being here. To hear how excited many of you are about the content we are planning to produce as well as hearing from those of you already living this lifestyle and crediting us as your inspiration really give us great motivation to do the best we possibly can. Thank you so much for that.

We have big plans for 2020 and wanted to give you guys an idea of what you can expect. For the last several weeks we have been thinking about just exactly how we want to organize all of the content we plan to share and how quickly we can get them out to you guys. I think what we came up with is going to be very exciting. Our goal for next year is to produce and upload roughly 100 videos. Starting in January 2020, you can expect just about 2 videos a week from us. Make sure you are signed for our newsletter and subscribed to our YouTube channel to make sure you are not missing anything.

While it might sound like a lot but we actually have a plan to make all of this possible and sustainable. Let me explain to you just exactly how this will happen and what you can expect. Starting in January, we will be releasing 2 videos a week on this channel. Every video will be packed full of useful advice to help you succeed with your Freely Roaming plans. All of the videos will be broken down into 5 main categories and here they are.


The first category will be all about ‘Financial Independence and mobile income’. This is where we will show you all of the things you can do to achieve your personal finance goals in order to live a sustainable life on the road. The most often asked question we get from people is ‘What kind of work do you do?’

It isn’t an easy question to answer accurately because over the years we have done a lot of different things. We tend to give the simple and often satisfactory answer which is that I am a web developer. While that is true and it is one of the better careers to have to be able to work remotely, it is only a part of the equation for us to become financially independent. In this series of videos we plan to create over the course of this next year, we will show you everything we’ve done and are continuing to do to make sure we have well-diversified and sustainable income streams and show you exactly what you can do with your skills to achieve the same.


The second series of videos you can expect from us is all about ‘Simple living and Minimalism’. Part of our way of becoming financially independent is tied very closely with simplifying your lives and getting rid of all of the excess we didn’t need.

Even if your goal is not to live nomadically, I believe anyone can benefit from these concepts. By eliminating all of the things in your life that aren’t essentials, you will gain an amazing new sense of freedom and be empowered to achieve great new goals. Modern society puts a ton pressure on people to participate in consumerism and it is extremely hard to not be seduced with the constant barrage of advertisements and commercials all around us. But with discipline and the proper outlook on your future, you will be able to prioritize your long term happiness over instant gratification. We plan to show you all of our experiences in how we became minimalists and are thriving in the process.


As you are on your way to becoming financially secure and living a simpler life, you will probably have a good idea of just what type of traveling it will enable you to do. There is a perfect adventure mobile for everyone and for every type of travel but there isn’t really a single vehicle that fits all. We have lived in 4 distinctly different home-on-wheels over the last 11 years and have both bought and built them to suit our needs. In this series, we will talk in depth about the pros and cons of every vehicle and explain to you guys the thought process we went through in choosing each one. You might not make the same choices we did but by learning about all the reasons why we chose or didn’t choose each option, you can find the one that is right for you.

We will also show you all of the products we use in these adventure mobiles to make our life on the road comfortable. Because RV traveling has become so popular in recent years there are more and more companies every day building and selling products claiming amazing results. But along the same lines of simple living and minimalism, we will help you cut through the noise and find just the right products you will need to support your nomadic life.


Once you are on your way to choosing and building your own adventure mobile, we will be there to show you all of the tips and tricks of vehicle-based adventure travel. Since 2008 we have logged over 250,000 miles in our various home-of-wheels. From towing a 7,000 lb Airstream trailer on the Alcan highway to Alaska to driving on the edge of a cliff above the Aegean Sea in Greece in our Sprinter 4×4 van, we have a lot of experience on this topic.

Maybe you are just simply looking to learn how to safely travel in an RV around the United States. Perhaps you have grand visions of overlanding around the world, we plan to share with you all of the experiences we’ve gained in this series.  We can help you with questions about boondocking. We will give you our secrets of surviving 3-day weekends as full timers near popular destinations. We will also give you lots of location specific tips from our travel experience like driving down the desolate pothole-filled roads of the Baja Peninsula.

We hope this will be a great series for nomadic travelers of all experience levels. After all, this is the part of our life style we enjoy the most. Everything else we had to do is all there to make this part of our lives possible.


And the 5th series will focus around homeschool, or what we like to call ‘roadschool’. We know that this lifestyle is largely dominated by couples without kids. But increasingly, people are realizing that this is not only completely possible with kids but it is in fact a great way to raise your children. If you know our story, the original motivation for us to travel this way is actually to take our newborn baby to see the world. You do not have to wait to have kids because you want to keep traveling nor do you have to wait until you are empty nesters to start. The world is an amazing classroom and your kids will thank you for all of the adventures they will go on.

Homeschooling these days no longer has the same stigma it once did. With fast mobile internet connections and digital books and online curriculums, it is easier than ever to homeschool your children. Don’t worry if you are not confident with your abilities as a teacher. We actually felt exactly the same way when we first started. With the help of a public charter school program from our old home town of Ventura, California, we took a leap of faith and dove head first into roadschooling 8 years ago.

The world is the best classroom and no one cares about your kids’ educational success more than you. These 2 facts alone give you the edge you will need to succeed. Of course you will run into challenges and every kid is different. We will show you everything we’ve learned about roadschooling in this series to help you build up your confidence and create a great learning environment for your children.


With each 1 of these 5 categories we hope to create at least 20 videos per topic over the next 12 months. That will roughly come out to 2 videos per week starting in January. If you have any specific topic you would like us to cover, just let us know in the YouTube comments of send us a message directly. We want this to be an interactive process so we can help all of you in the most effective way possible.

I hope you guys are excited about what is to come in 2020. We know we have our work cut out for us but we couldn’t be more excited about sharing them with you.

If anyone is currently planning to make this change to your lifestyle and want to get personalized support from us, we have also setup a Patreon page for this project to help you do just that. Check it out at patreon.com/freelyroaming.

You can get patron exclusive downloadable documents like checklists, worksheets and outlines for each one of our videos to further help you with achieving your financial independence and nomadic travel goals. If you need to work with us directly we have also created a limited-number patron tier to get a hour of personalized 1-on-1 sessions with us every month.

I hope you guys are excited about what is to come and we can’t wait to get more of this content out to you. Hope you are all having a great holiday season as we are wrapping up this decade and looking forward to the next.

Dan Lin

I am a modern nomad traveling full time around the world with my family since 2008. Currently in Europe living in our DIY Sprinter 4x4 Camper Van. You can find me sharing more about this lifestyle on Instagram or YouTube. For our travel content, check out malimish.com.

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