We have a lot of ideas on how we will be sharing our knowledge with you. Actually, we hope that it won’t just be us sharing our years of traveling experience and advice, we want to connect all of you with each other in this community in all of the ways you can imagine. Let me just share a few of our plans with you.

The FreelyRoaming Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter is possibly the most important thing you should sign up for if you are interested in what we have to share. We will compile the best and most useful information for you each month and all you have to do it spend a few moments in your email inbox to keep up to date with all you need to know. We plan to keep our emails to a minimum so you don’t have to worry about us bombarding you with a ton of messages. I am certain you will find our newsletter very helpful regardless of where you are in the process of building your life of independence.

The FreelyRoaming Blog

Ok so this one is pretty straightforward. We are going to be blogging right here to share with you each week some expertise about living, working and thriving while traveling full time. If you only have a few moments to learn a quick tip here and there, our blog posts will be a great way for you to begin soaking up all of that full time traveling knowledge you know will come in handy one day soon. Maybe you are already living on the road. Well, that is even better because you will be able to benefit immediately by applying them right away. The comment section of each post is also a great place to give us some feedback.

FreelyRoaming YouTube Channel

Yes we of course are planning to create videos for this website and it will all be distributed through the YouTube Channel.  We hope to bring you useful information from our daily lives on the road as well as an opportunity to interact with all of you via comments, live streams and premieres. Subscribe to our new channel and click the bell icon for instant notifications of each video posted.

FreelyRoaming Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook Group

We will of course be available on all of your favorite social networks to keep you up to date on all of the new information we plan to share. By simply following us on these social networks, we will make sure you are in touch with us on all the latest information we have to share to make sure you are ready for that leap into the world of nomadic living.

More coming soon… Here are some other ideas in the works

Since we are just days into launching our new blog, what we have planned is already a pretty big commitment. But once we get into a good rhythm, we have bigger plans to offer even more ways for you to learn from us. Here are just a few more things we have in the works:

  • Downloadable E-Books
    • The format of our blog posts will be quick and easy to digest. But for those of you looking for something you can really sink your teeth into, we will also offer more comprehensive e-books for you to download once our content libraries are complete.
  • Online Courses
    • All of the information you will need on your path to independence will not all be easy. You will need to learn new skills and techniques to help you succeed. We will offer online courses that teach you everything from building your adventure mobile to digital marketing and e-commerce expertise so you can build a financially sustainable lifestyle.
  • Podcast
    • I don’t know about you but we love podcasts. There is no better way to make good use of all those miles we all spend our lives driving. Our upcoming podcast will feature useful information about nomadic living as well as conversations with other travelers from all around the world to help keep you inspired to make your dream a reality.
  • Mobile Apps
    • Our community of world travelers is an amazing resource. We would love to create a dedicated app that not only help us communicate with each other more freely but also help facilitate real-world connections as we roam.
  • An Actual Book
    • Ever since the first few years of our travels we have been asked if we are ever going to write a book. It took some time for us to finally feel like our story was something other people would find interesting. After all these years of varying experiences, we think the time is finally be right for a book to be in the conversation. It will take some time and effort to plan a book that we can be proud of but it is something we are now seriously considering.

I hope you are as excited about what is to come with FreelyRoaming.com as we are. We look forward to all of the interactions we will have with you and seeing all of the connections each of you will make with one another. This is just the beginning!

Dan and Marlene

Dan Lin

I am a modern nomad traveling full time around the world with my family since 2008. Currently in Europe living in our DIY Sprinter 4x4 Camper Van. You can find me sharing more about this lifestyle on Instagram or YouTube. For our travel content, check out malimish.com.


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