In our time on the road, we have met a lot of people and made a lot of friends from all over the world. Many of them have found ways to create their own version of a sustainable mobile lifestyle. What works for one person might not work for another and it has been very insightful to talk to and see all of the different ways people find their nomadic happiness. We get lots of questions asking us about everything imaginable from people who aspire to realize their own dreams to travel the world. As we are about to begin our 12th year of full time traveling, we decided it was finally time to collect all of the experience and knowledge we’ve gathered into a simple-to-use and easily-digestible format. That is why we created

Elafonissi Beach, Island of Crete, Greece (2018)

Many of you probably know us as “Mali Mish” on social media. When we started to share our lives on the road in 2008, we never intended to educate others about nomadic living. Like many others who write blogs and use social media, it was a way for us to keep in contact with those we loved and meet other like-minded travelers. We continue to share our lives as Mali Mish through those social channels for those same purposes. FreelyRoaming was created to give us a way to help other aspiring nomads while we continue to share our lives and interact with family, friends and fellow travelers as “Mali Mish”.

El Conejo, Baja California (2016)

This platform will serve as a resource to provide information, advice and education about mobile living. Whether you are just starting to explore the idea of mobile living or if you are a full-time traveler looking for a way to explore a new part of the world, we hope to share with you our perspective and experience as well as everything we’ve learned from the nomadic community. If this is your first time here, I want to welcome you and urge you to subscribe to our newsletter below. I hope you will find lots of what we have to share useful in your journey in your life as a traveler and citizen of world.

Dan Lin

I am a modern nomad traveling full time around the world with my family since 2008. Currently in Europe living in our DIY Sprinter 4x4 Camper Van. You can find me sharing more about this lifestyle on Instagram or YouTube. For our travel content, check out


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