Today we are sharing our 10 mobile income streams that have sustained our family’s life on the road for the past twelve years. Why 10 mobile income streams? Well because it’s important to diversify and it’s especially relevant during times like these.

The first two are our primary income streams that cover two-thirds of the money coming in to fund our travels. The other eight are not as substantial as the first two but together make up the final third of our income. We also rate each income stream’s barrier to entry, its scalability, and if it’s passive or active.

Our 10 Mobile Income Streams for Full-Time Living are:

  1. Freelance Web Development
  2. Real Estate Rentals
  3. Dividend Investments
  4. High Interest Savings
  5. YouTube Partnership
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Social Media Ambassador Marketing
  8. Subscriptions & Memberships
  9. Merchandise Sales
  10. Stock Photography & Videography

As we continue on with this series, we will be diving deeper into each of these mobile income streams individually. Hope this helped answer some questions you’ve had about how we’ve supported our travels over these years.


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Heinz · August 4, 2020 at 1:08 am

Thank you for sharing this kind of informations too! Guess with the time you are able to let grow 10.) Stock Photography easily during travelling! You can be happy to have so much diversity in times with Corona! I will come back – and follow your blog! Heinz

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